LA Times-  In a routine reminiscent of legendary vaudeville dancer Josephine Baker's, she performs a series of calisthenics, flinging her arms and legs sky-high and leaping into a starburst before landing in the splits and slithering seductively across the floor toward the audience.

The predominately middle-aged male and female patrons inside the small Tipitina's French Quarter theater erupt in cheers and applause!
Australian Stage-  Perle Noire,  had the audience in raptures with  coy confidence, skillful moves and sassy displays of just enough to be seductive without losing  mystery.
Curve Magazine-  Impassioned by quick-paced drums, Perle Noire is a flurry of windmill arms and lively steps, her body adorned by a beaded loincloth and sparkling pasties. At the final drumbeat, she drops to her knees, her arms thrown back in abandon. The audience responds with a standing ovation.
The Stage London-  Perle Noire, who brought her own inimitable style to the art of tease, is a sassy, smiling talent direct from New Orleans that gives a modernist slant to some of the dances that made Josephine Baker a name to be reckoned with.

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