Josephine Baker Tribute: Inspired by one of France’s best-loved entertainers Josephine Baker, Perle reincarnates into the exotic Josephine Baker herself. Complete with her own Banana skirt Perle tears up the stage with a variety of kicks, splits and flips! This astounding act always keeps the crowd wanting more.


L'Afrique A tribute to the African Goddess Oshun, the patron ofdancing and the Anya drums. Oshun is said to dance ceaselessly to forget her troubles. This act is the perfect combination of glamour, strip tease and high-energy dance.

Boudoir: Perle pays tribute to the heyday of burlesque. This classic and classy act exudes sensuality and originality. You can see the passion in every movement.  This seductive act has an element of vintage burlesque with a modern “Perle” twist.



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